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"Just when the caterpillar thought its life
was over, it turned into a butterfly!"
- Author Unknown -

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Testimonial #3 - Contacting a Beloved Pet After Death
  • Toni Dean and her female, apricot Toy Poodle 'Coco'
  • Telephone Session
Toni Dean hired me to contact her female apricot toy poodle Coco who had recently been killed by another dog right in front of her.
The communication with Coco was like an eye opener and a spiritual awakening, an epiphany, and from that I continued on my own. It opened up my sense of the Divine and my belief in the afterlife which wasn't there before. And since then it has brought some closure with my grandmother's death because since I believe in the afterlife it has also helped bring peace with other loved one's death.
- Toni Dean -

At one point in the session I asked Coco to tell me a little bit about her owner. She gave me a series of words and/or phrases which I relayed to Toni and she interpreted them as follows:

  • Goldilocks - I had never seen a photo of Toni and had no idea what she looked like. After telling her that Coco had called her 'Goldilocks,' she told me that she had long, blonde, curly hair to her waist and that her nickname in high school had been ‘Goldilocks.’ She also said that she had a Goldilocks doll that Coco had seen it numerous times, since it was kept on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, eye level to an area of the house where Coco often played and slept.
  • Pink Slippers - Toni told me that she had a pair of pink lambswool houseshoes that Coco always played with, and they were kept in her toy box. “I surrendered them to Coco when she took a shine to them.” (Toni)
  • Polka Dot Umbrella - Toni's parents used to have a polka dot umbrella by the side of the pool where Coco enjoyed swimming. “I made no connection to this during the session, until going over the session notes with my mother. She reminded me that we did have a polka dot umbrella by the pool which had to be replaced when it was destroyed by the hurricane. It's best to keep an open mind during the session. You may not understand all the information given to you. However, upon reflection, you'll see the connections. I think this is due to being so emotional during the reading.” (Toni)
  • Blue Ribbon on a Tree Trunk - Toni said that there is a blue sign on a tree trunk in her backyard. “The day before Coco died she had been playing with a lizard that was running up the pecan tree in our backyard. She had her feet on the blue sign.” (Toni)
  • Riding in a Train - I interpreted this as Coco having ridden in a train, but at the time of the session Toni told me that as far as she knew Coco had never been on a train. One week after the session, Toni was on a poodle chat and found out about an underground railroad that helps rescue poodles. Since Coco was a rescue dog, Toni has become very involved in rescuing poodles and dedicates this effort in Coco's honor. “I felt like Coco was guiding me to continue to help other rescue animals like her.” (Toni)
  • Stuffed Monkey Bear Animal/Lambchops - I wasn't certain as to whether these two thoughts were related, but when I mentioned both things to Toni she said that Coco was buried with a stuffed animal that was made out of blue lambswool. It wasn't of any particular species, but could be mistaken for a monkey.

Testimonial #4 - Contacting Another Beloved Pet in the Process of Dying
  • Judy Chrastina and her female Yorkshire Terrier 'Bridie'
  • Telephone Session
Judy Chrastina hired me to contact her Yorkshire Terrier Bridie who also had been killed by another dog right in front of her. When I asked her what benefit she received from having had the session, she said that it gave her a final way to speak with her pet. It gave her closure to know Bridie was okay and hadn’t suffered hard.

One amusing anecdote that happened was when, at the end of the session, Judy asked me to ask Bridie if there had been anything in their life together that had confused her. Bridie said, “Yes!!! What is that you're always dangling over my head at the window ledge?” Judy laughed and told me that whenever they were expecting company she would pick Bridie up and take her to the bedroom window. Hanging over the bedroom window were crystals!!! According to Judy, this incident definitely convinced her I was connected to Bridie.

Earlier in the session Bridie told me about how she wanted to come back into Judy's life as a poodle through a woman named Rose. When I conveyed this to Judy, she informed me that Rose had been Bridie's groomer and that she bred poodles!!!

Testimonial #5 - Communicating a Need to a Pet
  • A.C., M.D. and her two cats 'Celeste & Sylvester'
  • Telephone Sessions
Working with Cynthia has helped me understand my cat's needs and their way of seeing the world better and has helped solve some problems that would have been very difficult without her help.
- A.C., M.D. -

I have worked with A.C. and her cats Celeste and Sylvester on numerous occasions and the most recent session was on July 31st of this year. At that time, A.C. contacted me because her cat Celeste was bringing home ‘gifts’ of animals that she had either killed or injured, in particular a mouse and a squirrel. While communicating to Celeste that A.C. was unhappy with the ‘gifts’ Celeste said that she was confused and told me, ‘What about rats? Shouldn't I kill them?; I thought she wanted me to kill them! That's what she says.” When I relayed this message to A.C., she laughed and said that that very morning a friend of hers had said to Celeste, “You can kill rats, but only rats.”

A.C. asked me to communicate to Celeste that she can only kill animals that were going to die anyway, due to illness or an accident, and that she can kill bugs.

According to A.C., as of September 7th Celeste had not brought home anymore ‘gifts’ since our session on the 31st of July!

Testimonial #6 - Two Pets Talk About their Lives
  • A client and her male cat 'Tom Jones' and female cat 'Honey West'
  • Telephone Sessions
I was working with a client's two cats: Tom Jones and Honey West. Tom Jones, a black and white male, told me that he liked his new apartment. “We live in a tree house now,” he said, “and there is a loft bed and an exposed light bulb!”

The owner explained to me that their new apartment had features that their old apartment did not have, which might have made Tom Jones feel he was in a tree house! They were now on a higher floor, with higher ceilings and there was a wonderful view of trees outside the bedroom window. The new bed was much higher up and next to the bed was a lamp, minus a lampshade!

In another session with the same two cats, they kept insisting that they were friends with a black dog that they liked a lot. They also kept mentioning someone named ‘Joey.’ The owner wasn't aware of any black dog that they had befriended nor of any man that she knew named ‘Joey.’ At the end of the session she realized that one of her best friends had a black dog named ‘Joey!’ Her cats had not actually met this dog in a physical sense, but must have had a psychic link and felt very connected to him.

In the same session they mentioned a friend of their owner's; a man who smelled like cigar smoke, was disheveled, had a pot belly and wore a pale white buttoned-down shirt! My client confirmed that this was someone she knew and that he had been to her apartment on more than one occasion!!!

Testimonial #7 - Establishing a Closer Relationship with a Pet
  • Arlene H., her male cat 'Ebby' and female cat 'Emma'
  • In-Person Sessions
Arlene H. said that initially she had the session out of curiosity, but that it actually, unexpectedly, had wonderful repercussions that changed her and her cats' lives. She said that the session had a significant impact on their lives in a positive way in that Emma became more approachable and that the session provided healing for all of them.

Testimonial #8 - A Cat's Tale of Being Rescued
  • A client and her cat
  • In-Person Sessions
While on vacation in Florida several years before, the owner had found a cat outside her motel room. She had always wondered how he had ended up there, so she asked me to discover some aspects of his kittenhood, including how he had found his way to the motel.

The cat sent me several different scenarios of some experiences in his life, some of which the client knew to be true and so was able to confirm. Some of the stories had taken place before her life with him, therefore they could not be confirmed.

Near the end of the session, he told me an amazing story of being rescued. He sent me the sensation of being in a dark place and feeling very frightened. I could feel his terror in my own body; an inner shaking and deep rooted fear. Then he sent me a picture of a tall, blonde woman leaning down and picking him up. I thought that the woman looked like his neighbor who lived across the hall. She was the friend of mine who had recommended me to his owner. Since I thought he was answering my request to tell me how he had been found, this didn’t make any sense to me since I knew that she hadn't been in Florida with the cat's owner when he was found abandoned outside the motel.

When I told his owner about this situation, she immediately went across the hall and got her neighbor. As I began to relay this story they both got very excited! They explained that an incident had occurred several months after he had been brought home from Florida. He had gone into the apartment across the hall and had gotten stuck in a drawer under the bed in the neighbor's apartment across the hall. My friend left for an overnight visit, not realizing the cat had gotten into her apartment, and the cleaning lady inadvertently closed the drawer, not realizing he was in there .

In the meantime, his owner was conducting a search for her missing cat. She and other tenants in the building were looking all over the apartment building and out in the street! When my friend arrived home from her visit, she found herself compelled toward looking underneath the bed. There she found the cat, stuck between the drawer and the wall, and she was able to pull him out. She is uncertain as to what made her look under the bed, since at that point she hadn't even realized that he was missing!

In his eyes, she had ‘rescued’ him. After the session with me they all reported that he began to seek my friend out, sitting outside her door, waiting to catch a glimpse of her! They developed a much closer relationship. I guess the memory of how she had saved his life made him appreciate her even more!

Testimonial #9 - Insight Into a Cat's Personality
  • Bobbi Berger and her cat 'Baby'
  • Telephone Session
I conducted a telephone session with Bobbi and her cat Baby. Bobbi said that as soon as she got on the phone with me, Baby came and sat in her lap. Later on in the session, as I relayed to Bobbi that Baby had just said, “I've had enough” Baby jumped right out of her lap and left the room. Bobbi said that these two actions completely convinced her that I was definitely having a conversation with her cat.

At one point, Baby told me to tell Bobbi to “get with it!” which she recognized as being her cat's ‘style’ and she felt that I really tapped into and described Baby's personality, which is abrupt and sharp.

Bobbi feels that having the session helped her gain more insight into Baby's needs. Baby expressed to me that she likes to be in high places, which Bobbi knew to be true, so she has started clearing clothes off the closet shelf so that Baby can hang out there. She also has more acceptance for her cat's sharp and abrupt personality and feels more loving towards her.

During the session, I saw a very vivid picture of a rooster and asked Bobbi if this made sense to her. She said that she used to own a rooster! Baby told me to tell Bobbi that she had been that rooster in her past life!

Testimonial #10 - Stepcat Adjustments and Healing of Inappropriate Urination
  • Mary Kirby and her cats 'Oscar', 'Gerber,' 'Dave' and 'Freddie'
  • Telephone Session
When I moved in with my husband, we were combining two households - me and my cats Oscar and Gerber and Peter with his cats Dave and Freddie. Each cat brought his own distinct personality and problems to the equation. Not surprisingly, there have been ‘stepcat’ adjustment problems. Thanks to Cynthia, I’ve been undoing some of those problems and everyone seems a lot happier.

The biggest problem was the chronic bedwetting of one of our cats. On countless mornings my husband would wake at five in the morning, irate at the large wet spot in our bed and I would have to strip the bed and the mat and put a clean mat and sheets down. I'd have to wait until the dry cleaner opened to take in the comforter to be washed (it was too big for our washing machine). We spent hundreds of dollars washing comforters, throwing them away and buying new ones. And with four cats on the bed, we weren't even sure who was the culprit.

Peter blamed my cats, I blamed his, even though I suspected my wonderful orange cat Gerber was the culprit. We hired an animal behaviorist (not Cynthia) who blamed Oscar for the bedwetting, told us to keep all the cats out of the bedroom, and charged us $150. Sleeping with our cats is one of the joys of our lives so banishing them was hard. Finally I convinced Peter to let Gerber in since Oscar was still considered the culprit. The next morning there was a big wet spot in the bed and we knew it was Gerber. Peter was so angry at Gerber, he wanted to banish him from the bedroom forever. I couldn't stand not having Gerber cuddling up with me so I had to do something.

I first learned about Cynthia's work in an article in THE DAILY NEWS. I called Cynthia and had her speak to him. He told her he felt crowded by the other cats and often neglected by me; he was also very annoyed when the litter boxes got too messy. Cynthia told him that wetting the bed was inappropriate and that from now on, he must be more vocal and come up right to my face and meow. For the past eighteen months we’ve only had one episode of bed wetting and that was due to crystals in his urine. If the litter box gets messy, Gerber meows very loudly and for a very long time so I know to clean it. I have to thank Cynthia for helping us solve this disruptive problem.

Freddie is responding beautifully to the extra special time that I have been giving him. He is more affectionate towards me and lets me approach him now without running away. Dave and I are also friendlier towards each other. I now make sure that when he eats, Gerber is kept away from his bowl so that he can eat in peace without ‘greedy’ Gerber ready to steal his food. As a result, Dave is harassing Gerber less frequently and less vehemently.

I've respected Gerber's need to isolate himself from the others and to give him areas in the apartment where he can feel safe so he can reduce the worrying that seems to have caused much of his inappropriate urinating. I was very touched to hear how much Oscar loves Gerber. I used to think he was jealous of him and it is a relief and a delight to know that he regards Gerber as his soul mate.

Cynthia did a wonderful job with my pets and I think she will be contributing enormously to the field of pet communication. I am very grateful for her services and I will be recommending her to friends who have similar problems with their pets. We are a much happier family now.
- Mary Kirby -

Testimonial #11 - Simple, but Sweet
  • T.C. and her cats 'Ethel' and 'Suki'
  • Telephone Session
It's simple to say that there's a lot more love at my house and that Ethel is such a happy cat since she's been able to talk to me through Cynthia and Suki's issues have also been resolved happily and that makes me a happy kitty custodian.
- T.C. -