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"Just when the caterpillar thought its life
was over, it turned into a butterfly!"
- Author Unknown -

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Because your animal companion is so grateful to be heard, cooperation and compromise is possible. A session can assist you in:
  • Understanding your animal?s point of view by learning why your pet is exhibiting certain behavior.
  • Developing better rapport with your animal companion.
  • Resolving unfinished business.

In-Person, Telephone and Internet Consultations with Animals Living and Deceased

Using my sixth sense and intuitive skills, I pick up the actual thoughts and emotions of the animals. This information comes to me through pictures, words or physical sensations. I do not diagnose ailments, but can sometimes feel the pain or other symptoms in my own body. If this happens, I will relay this to the pet owner who will then go to a vet for the actual diagnosis and treatment of the physical problem.

IN-PERSON CONSULTATION (at your home, or if weather allows, in a public park near my home):
I sit down with the client and animal(s) in order to determine the client?s needs and to establish some rapport between all of us. I will either go off privately with the animal(s) or have the client to sit with me during all or part of the session, depending on my assessment of the animal(s)? needs. If there is more than one pet in the household, we will have "group conversations" in order to establish healthy dynamics.

When the client calls me to book the session, we will discuss what they need from the consultation, I will get some background information (age of pet(s), how many pet(s) in the household, how long you have had them, where they came from, etc.) and schedule an appointment. In order to hold the scheduled appointment time, I will need to receive (1) a photo of the animal(s) (either by regular mail or email), (2) a list of specific questions they would like me to ask during the session and (3) payment in full (either via PayPal, check or money order). I like to have a chance to communicate with all the animals in the household since I believe the dynamics involved between the pets can greatly affect their behaviors. I liken it to group therapy - we will all talk together.

I will work with the photograph of the animal for 10-15 minutes prior to the phone call from the client. I use the picture as a focal point, not to study it in order to gather external information. I ask the questions and write down whatever information I receive. At the predetermined time, the client will call, with the animal by the client?s side. I will go over all of the information I picked up while connecting with the photograph. If there is time left over, I will ask additional questions of the animal while on the phone with the client. This way a three-way conversation ensues - the client lets me know what to ask, I connect with the animal and relay this information to the client, etc. I take notes during the session and you will receive a copy of them.

Client will send me a photo, background information about their pet(s) (i.e. age of pet(s), breed(s), how many animals in household, how long they have had the animal(s), where they got them, etc.), and 3-5 questions about each pet. If there is more than one pet in a household, it is helpful for me to communicate with each of them to a certain extent since group dynamics are key to resolving behavioral issues.